Cat in frog costume for Halloween

13 Halloween costume
ideas for your cat’s personality

as Halloween approaches, we know you’re thinking more and more about what costume you’ll choose for your cat. here at sWheat Scoop, we tend to spend more time deciding on the perfect costume for our furry family members than we do for ourselves. check out the photos below for some costume inspiration that will make your cat purr.

1. bunny cat costume


2. frog costume

3. reindeer cat costume

A yellow cat with a funny Christmas costume on a white background

4. pirate cat costume


5. superhero cat costume


6. wizard cat costume


7. masquerade cat costume

A beautiful Calico cat wearing a purple Mardi Gras feather mask

8. patriotic cat costume

Patriotic cat isolated on white

9. pumpkin cat costume

Halloween or Thanksgiving pumpkin cat sign or banner

10. ballerina cat costume
Cute fluffy kitten dressed in the tutu posing near ballet barre over white background

11. horns cat costume

Black cat wearing devil horn at for Halloween on white background

12. flapper cat costume
Ragdoll kitten with a flapper girl headband cutout
12. hula cat costume

Cute tabby kitten wearing hula skirt and green lay on white background

see something that the sWheatie in your life just has to sport this All Hallows Eve? try the links below. and be sure to snap a pic to submit for our cat calendar!

Frog                                    Reindeer

Pirate                                Superhero

Wizard                             Patriotic

Pumpkin                         Ballerina

Devil                                   Bunny Ears