Cat DIY Planters Step 6

a sWheat DIY: cat planters

It’s another DIY that’s so fresh and so green. So, chase your winter blues away with this fresh project. We naturally think this cat planter is a fresh way to leap into spring.

what you’ll need:
•A plastic water bottle or soda bottle
• Black or white washable acrylic paint
• Paintbrushes
• Paint pens (We chose black, white and pink)
• Permanent marker
• Scissors
• Adhesive remover (to help with the removal of labels on bottles)
• Paper towels
• Some fresh plants (of your choosing)

step 1: gather your materials.


step 2: prep your bottle.

Thoroughly rinse and clean out your bottle before you begin this project. Then, remove the label from the bottle. Peel the label off, and then apply adhesive remover right onto the bottle. This helps to remove any extra glue or tack.


step 3: make it catty.

Think about how tall you want your cat plant to be, and then, using a permanent marker, draw a circle around the bottle according to your desired height. (We cut our bottle in half.) After you have drawn a circle, decide what side of the bottle on which the cat face will be drawn, and then draw two triangles about 2–3 inches apart. (These will be the ears of your cat.) Once you have your drawing set, poke a hole into your bottle and begin cutting the top of the bottle off.


step 4: paint, and then paint again.

Whether you choose blue, white, pink or brown paint, we recommend two coats. Paint the first coat, and then let it set. After about 20 minutes, add the second coat to make a nice, rich coating to your bottle.


step 5: the feline touches.

Smart, snarky, cheeky or sWheat, it’s time to craft your cat’s expression. Take your paint markers and draw your cat’s eyes, nose, mouth (and whiskers, of course). Finally, add in your succulents, and ta-da! Your cat plant is complete.


Until next time … stay fresh!