White scarf with blue cat pattern

a sWheat DIY: cat print scarf

Sometimes you’re away from your feline friend from 9 to 5 and crave something cat close by. Other times you’re lucky enough to be cuddled up on the couch all day together. Whatever the case may be, this purrfect cat scarf is a quick DIY project that will keep you warm all winter long. (And just might make your cat friends envious, too.)

what you’ll need:

  • Thin white scarf

  • Linoleum cutting block

  • Linoleum cutter

  • Fabric inkpad (You choose the color.)

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

step 1: gather your supplies.

A few things to note here: We recommend a white scarf, as colors really can pop well. Also, feel free to create a few stamps and mix colors or stick to one color pallet and one stamp like we did. You’re the crafter, so you decide!


step 2: trace your cat image onto a stamp pad.

We started by cutting out a 2×2-inch square from our linoleum cutting block. (You can make the stamp any size you choose.) Then, either find a cat image to trace or test your creativity by drawing a cat of your own. You can do it. You’ll be great!


step 3: carve out the stamp.

Now that you have drawn your cat image, carve around the perimeter (negative space of your stamp). Any spaces on your stamp that you wish to grab ink when you press it to the ink pad need to be raised higher than the spaces that you wish not to have ink. (You can see here that we also carved out the belly and eyes so ink would not show up there.)


step 4: stamp, stamp, stamp away.

Firmly press your newly created cat stamp on the ink pad, and then press the stamp facedown onto your scarf. You can be technical and space each stamp out about an inch or two apart, or just wing it like we did here.


step 5: bundle up!

Allow about 24 hours to let the ink completely dry. Then, we recommend ironing with a dry iron (not steam) or throwing your new creation in the dryer on high heat for 10 minutes. This allows the ink to set completely. Finally, wrap those cute cats around your neck, and enjoy your cozy creation!


Until next time … stay sWheat!