DIY Pumpkin Cats - Final

a sWheat DIY: cat pumpkins

what’s fun and festive and feline-a-riffic? a little DIY project brought to you by sWheat Scoop®, of course. we know that fall is full of fun changes and transformations, and we’re sure all you DIYers would agree that pumpkins make a great canvas for creativity. so, this month we’ll be walking you through how to make pumpkin cats. let’s get started!


what you’ll need:

  • 1 mini pumpkin (or 2)

  • black paper (we recommend cardstock)

  • patterned paper

  • glue gun

  • black thumb tacks

  • gold sharpie (for black cat’s eyes)

  • paint: black, white or any color of your choosing

  • paintbrush

  • wire (we used 26-gauge wire)

  • wire cutters

  • scissors

step one: get all of your supplies out, so you’re ready to go.

step 1

step two: choose the color of your cat pumpkin. hint: if it’s not orange, you’re going to need to get painting. we suggest acrylic paint; it stays on well and dries quickly.

step 2

step three: while your painted pumpkin is drying, let’s do some tracing. begin by making two ears on black cardstock paper and two ear inserts with your patterned paper. we recommend thicker paper to keep the ears purrfectly perky. when you’re finished with the ears, trace a small, triangular, black nose.

step 3

step four: cut out your traced ears and glue the patterned paper to the black paper. next, cut out your nose and glue it onto the middle of your cat pumpkin’s face.

step 4

step five: let’s put the face together. you will need to cut six whiskers from your wire. we recommend cutting each piece about 2 inches long. simply push in three pieces of wire on each side of the nose, and then adjust the ends of the whiskers to your liking: curled, straight, whatever you wish. lastly, take two black tacks and push the eyes into place.

step 5

and just like that, in five quick steps, you’ve made a sWheat decoration for your home or office.


until next time…happy crafting!