Your Adoption Stories

We’ve been asking for your adoption stories and we are LOVING them! It’s great to read the different ways cats can touch our lives. We’ll be featuring 50 different stories a month, check out the stories below or submit your own story here.

Name: Riley
Adoption Date: 10/16/2015
I received a call in October 2015 from some friends in our cat rescue community about a FIV+ boy living outside in a western suburb of Rochester, NY. A very kind woman had been feeding and offering him shelter for a year but she was moving and very concerned about his safety. She found a local cat rescue that would take him but the blood work prior to his neuter surgery showed he was FIV+ and the rescue would no longer take him. I had recently lost my cat Ezra who was also FIV+ so that is why friends reached out to me. The caregiver had him in her basement post surgery so I went to meet him. I saw him for about 30 seconds before he darted under a workbench. I knew he deserved a chance so I agreed to adopt him. Riley was estimated at 5 years old when I adopted him. It took him a while to adjust to his new home and his older brother but he really is a sweet boy and I love him dearly. – Deanna

Name: Indy & Airy
Adoption Date: January 5, 2013
I heard about two cats, mother and daughter living on the lot of a car dealership in North Carolina. One of the groups I follow were posting out for help in rescuing this duo but no cat rescue would help. Mom was semi social but Airy was completely feral. Since they were so bonded they would need to stay together.
Time was running out for the two and the owner of the car lot was threatening to hurt both cats as he was tired of paw prints all over the cars. I reached out to the group and said if they could get them to Chicago, I would take them both as I had just said goodbye to my feral cat of 13 years.
Both made the journey and arrived safely, but very afraid. I gave them a quiet room and let them be for a few days so they could adjust. I made mini trips in the room for food, water and cleaning the box (which thankfully they both used!) but kept my distance wanting to let them approach me. After a week I started sitting on the floor reading and eventually momma made her way over…not to be touched but just to check things out. It was on one of these mini visits that I realized momma was ready to have yet another litter of kittens…and a few days later she did.
I found homes for all the kittens and once able both Indy and Airy went in to be fixed and get their shots. They have both adjusted great to living indoors. Indy lets us love on her, on her own terms. While Airy is still skittish, she will let you touch her and pack her up easily for vet visits. Both have been a joy watching them settle in and learn to trust. Best decision I ever made! – Debi

Name: Maia
Adoption Date: August 20, 2017
Maia was adopted from Chuck & Don’s through their partnership with Farm, Feral, & Stray. While picking up sWheat Scoop litter for our elderly kitty, my son and I saw her in the cage, and it was love at first sight! My son had wanted a kitty of his own for years, and Maia was his dream kitty. A year later, they are best friends! – Mel

Name: Henry
Adoption Date: 04/24/2007
I fell head over heels for Henry at a local pet store’s adopt-a-thon event on New Year’s Eve 2008. I had lost my sweet girl Chelcie before Christmas and was ready to open my heart to another adopted kitty. Henry has a bold and beautiful personality, I knew the moment I held him he’d be coming home with me. He fills my heart with joy, wonder, and purpose. Adoption is the only option for me. – Marylouise

Name: Licorice & Creamsicle
Adoption Date: 8/30/12
My husband and I had decided to adopt a cat, we had our heart set on a black cat that we decided to name Licorice. Licorice was about 4 months old, he was a rescued barn cat. We got a call a few days before we were going to bring Licorice home that he made a friend, a little orange and white cat that was probably 2 months old. Licorice was making sure that the new kitten got enough food and just decided it was his job to protect him. They asked us if there was any way that we would be willing to take the orange and white kitten along with Licorice because they had bonded so well. It took about 30 seconds of conversation between my husband and I and we said yes we would take Licorice and his friend, whom we decided to name Creamsicle. I can tell you these past 6 years have been the happiest, Licorice and Creamsicle are still the best of buds and they truly have brought my husband and I a more fun filled life. I thank Licorice every day for bringing Creamsicle into our life and I feel so much better knowing that we were able to rescue two kittens and give them a great life. They have me wrapped around their little paws and whatever they want, they get. – Suzanne

Name: Dorsk
Adoption Date: October 2008
I had just put my first cat, Boots, down due to intestinal cancer and was absolutely heart broken. I looked online and around at different pet stores and shelters to console myself with the idea of adopting another black cat that was similar to Boots. I looked for weeks but eventually came to the conclusion that my heart just wasn’t ready to let another cat into my life yet. I decided to try one last pet store and found my sweet Dorsk. When I looked at him for the first time in the cage, he was jumping up on the cage and climbing all over the other cats almost as if he was saying “pick me!”. When I held him for the first time, I fell in love. I knew then that he would be my next cat. When I took him home, my heart was full. I was so happy to feel the love that I had for Boots again and to give a good home to another cat. Dorsk was supposed to spend a few weeks in that pet store and then go back to the nearby shelter. That shelter burned down the week after I adopted him. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to adopt him and be his momma. He’s 10 years old now and is still as spunky now as he was the first day we met. He’s so smart and has such a sweet personality. He loves to be picked up, held for long periods of time, petted, and scratched. He also loves playing with toys with feathers and treats. – Brooke

Name: Bean
Adoption Date: November 2016
My husband surprised me with Bean a few months after we got married. I was in a rough job situation that made life not so great, and Bean was the perfect addition of happiness to our lives. For days on end I couldn’t think of a good name, so I just called her “my little bean” because she was so small and cute. It ended up sticking, though now it’s more fitting to call her “Queen Bean.” She’s a diva that will fall down with a pathetic meow when we won’t let her outside at her every whim, but she’s not afraid to break a nail either (or a tail, as it so happened. No worries, she’s ok now). She’s always ready to prove herself as the alpha of the house whenever we’re fostering a dog or puppy; It’s pretty comedic to see an 8 lb cat chase down a 60 lb dog. She’s a fluffball of sass, but loves us just enough to cuddle up for a goodnight’s sleep. She doesn’t fit in my hoodie with me anymore, but she’ll always fit in with our little family! – Alex

Name: Chloe
Adoption Date: Feb 5, 2011
Chloe is a beautiful blue mitted ragdoll adopted at 7 Years old from South Texas Persian Rescue, a wonderful organization in San Antonio, TX. She’s a very large girl with big blue eyes. She adjusted well to the 3 kitties I had at the time. I’ve now had her 7 Years, and we live in Ramona, CA. She’s a very easy going, quiet companion. sWheat Scoop is the best natural litter for my baby. – Barbara

Name: Ritchie
Adoption Date: 12/2016
Ritchie came to me as a foster, #21 of the 21 I fostered. He was known to be a goof, a character, and he didn’t disappoint. He played wildly with his toys, often all night. 🙁 He loved his food (which has led to his being a very big boy) and probably he had had a very rough beginning so free food was a wow factor. He insists on accompanying me into the loo, the basement, the office… heaven forbid he leave his new lady alone… who knows what could happen to her. He plays fetch as well as any dog… sometimes a little sketchy on returns LOL. He is a true comedian and a wonderful character. – Linda

Name: Ginger, Cinnomon and Spice
Adoption Date: June 2007
We had lost our last cat and we wanted to wait before we adopted another. We saw a set of kittens in a shelter in NYC. We went to see them of course we fell in love with them. The mom had them while she was in the shelter. She was abandoned pregnant in a dumpster.
We decided to adopt them after we were thoroughly screened. When we went to pick up the kittens my spouse (who really didn’t want any more cats since it is so painful when you lose them) said, “What are you going to do about the mother? You can’t leave her here.” So we decided to adopt all three of them. Ginger the mom and offspring Cinnamon and Spice. – Michael

Names: Pennelopy, Andromeda and Cassiopeia
Adoption Date: December 13, 2016
Went to get eggs at local farmer’s barn. I noticed that the about 8 weeks old kittens all with teary crusty eyes and snotty noses. When I asked the farmer what he is doing about it, he said, “You want them”? We adopted three girls: Pennelopy(Penny), Andromeda(Andra) and Cassiopeia(Cassie). When I went back next I notices a fourth one, but the farmer didn’t want to give it up (apparently for his grandchild) and when I returned several weeks later, that kitten was blind in one eye. All our three girls are healthy, thriving and we LOVE them. They are so much fun and give us enormous pleasure. – Katharina

Name: Molly
Adoption Date: September 2014
I truly believe that, like with human relationships, fate leads us to the animals were meant to be with. Whether we’re ready or not, the universe presents us with the opportunity to adopt a pet, and we feel an unconquerable pull to take the plunge. Or maybe that’s just me.
I was finishing my final year of university when fate led me to a local pet store to find a birthday present for my Mom. I wouldn’t typically feel an otherworldly desire to purchase an “I heart my dog” mug for the woman who gave me life, but I woke up that morning feeling certain that it was the right gift for her. Little did I know, the universe was at work.
The pet store was, as most pet stores are, overflowing with adoptable cats. Five or six of them basked behind the glass wall against which half a dozen children pressed their eager faces, begging their parents to let them take home a new companion. Dodging toddlers, I barely glanced at the homeless pets as I strolled by, determined to grab what I needed quickly so I could go home to continue studying for finals.
Moments later, I met my soulmate. Feline soulmate, but soulmate nonetheless. She was rubbing her gums against the thin bars of a cage in which, it seemed, she’d been quarantined from the others of her kind. I later found out that Lucy, as they called her, didn’t like other cats. In fact, she viciously attacked them whenever the opportunity arose. She also had cysts on her gums, and was three years old — long past the “prime” of her kittenhood.
“She’s been in and out for years,” a store clerk told me, sneaking up behind me as I poked a curious finger into the cage to pet this little creature, who was already luring me with her charm. “Everyone wants a kitten, not a cat. Not to mention she has health issues, and can’t live in a multi-cat household.”
Ten minutes later, I was on the phone with my landlord. “Please,” I begged him through tears, “I know there’s no animals allowed in the apartment, but she needs a home. She needs a family.”
“It’s fine,” my landlord replied tersely. “Cats are fine. Just no dogs.”
Molly, as I call her now, has been in my life for five years. She saw me through graduation, multiple moves, and my fair share of heartbreak. When I flip back through all the chapters that made up my twenties, this sweet creature — who is now the picture of perfect health — is on every single page. She’s genuinely kind, despite her persistent hatred toward other felines, and her empathy never ceases to amaze me. Call it fate or call it coincidence — I was meant to adopt her that day. – Emily

Name: Fat Louie
Adoption Date: 1/24/2018
My rescue cat of 8 years, Professor McGonagall, had passed away in 2016 and I vowed I would never adopt another kitty. Back in January 2018, I found myself walking by Best Friends Adoption Center after work every day. One day, I decided “why not go in? Just looking!” Right when I walked in, I saw this loaf spread out in his cubby. When I asked about him, Best Friends said he was found Christmas Day by animal control, eviscerated, with his insides hanging out, alone and scared. He was rushed into surgery. Mere weeks after his surgery, he was neutered and was recovering like a champ. He came up to me and nuzzled my hand and immediately rolled on his back and showed me his belly, as if saying “look at my scar! Look at what a brave boy I am!” And that was the moment I knew, he was special and I needed to give him all the love, kisses, and belly rubs in the world. Re-named him Fat Louie and surviving and thriving! – Michelle

Names: Fergus & Finnoula
Adoption Date: 7/2/2016
After I lost my first two cats, Tigger and Roo, a few years ago, it was a while before I was ready to welcome new cats to my home, but as a single person, I missed the companionship of my kitties. By June 2016, I knew it was time to open my home to new needy cats. I went to my local shelter to find two kittens in need of a good home. I wanted to adopt two black cats because my first two were black cats and I know it can be harder to find homes for them. As soon as I saw the two little black kittens, a boy and a girl, I knew they would make a perfect addition to my household. From the beginning, I wanted to provide them with the best care, which has included using a healthier litter box option. I found sWheat Scoop, and have been very happy with it and how well my kitties have adapted to using it. My Fergus and Finnoula are now 2 1/2 years old and continue to be wonderful companions! – Julie

Name: Kali
Adoption Date: 4/2008
I was fostering a litter of kittens when my oldest cat got very sick. To avoid stressing him out, another foster took the kittens. Unfortunately, my Boogie passed quickly. The other foster had adopted all the kittens but one, who had been the runt and had health issues. I knew I wanted to adopt her but the foster said she had bonded with another kitten and tried to get me to adopt both. I was resistant as I already had other cats at home, but once I met her, I was smitten. Her and her “sister” were very close, and the kitten I almost didn’t adopt turned out to be the love of my life. Of course, I love all my cats to death but Kali and I have a very strong bond. – Kristine

Name: Miss Kitty
Adoption Date: May 2015
On a whim in May two years ago I logged onto the Great Plains website here in Independence, Missouri to see what cats were available and that’s when we found Miss Kitty, a beautiful, five-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat.
We called the shelter and learned she was still available and went immediately to see her. When the attendant opened her kennel she said that Miss Kitty was initially fearful of strangers, but she responded to us by laying down and rolling over so we could rub her tummy. We were smitten and she was adopted.
On the way home we stopped by our local PetSmart where the manager recommended sWheat Scoop since Miss Kitty’s front claws had been removed, saying that its grain base softness would make it easier for her to spread.
That has proven to be true. She loves it and so do we, especially the way it neutralizes odor and its strong clumping feature makes removal and disposal sWheat – pun intended. 🙂 – Rich

Name: Wayland
Adoption Date: 11/2013
Wayland was adopted from the Providence animal shelter. Our dog of 18 years passed in the summer. My husband missed a pet but did not want to commit to another animal. They were having a free event at the shelter and I convinced him to check it out. Wayland was the only kitten left, he was huddled in a corner separated from his siblings. Black cats are not easily adopted and husband felt sorry for him. The rest is history, he adapted easily to another cat and Cane Corso that live upstairs. He still is very wary of visitors to our home but he recently has begun coming out to verify that they are indeed strangers. It’s been a long trek to establish trust, but he now owns us all completely. He is a picky eater, not interested in wet food at all, but is an avid drinker. So, in short, has become a valued member of the family. – Marie Anne

Name: Cujo
Adoption Date: May 2006
Cujo, Boogee, Muffins, Sneaky Pete…(she has plenty of nicknames), stole my heart away in the spring of 2006 when I was living in Seattle. She was a street cat, a real tough cookie. One day I was taking a nap on my front stoop area and this beautiful calico cane up and napped right on top of me! She started coming around and was so sweet, even if she was a little aloof. We had a system: I left a cooler out by my window and she tapped on the window if she wanted to come inside and hang for a bit. I wasn’t going to immediately domesticate her – what if she belonged to someone? I sent her home with a little note on her tattered flea collar asking if she belonged to anyone, and to please call me. One day I was sitting with the front door open and the screen door shut; all of the sudden I see a cat attached with all four limbs to screen door… hence the name Cujo. She really is the sweetest though!!
Winter arrived and she started tapping on the window more often – it was cold and she wanted to come inside. It was a tough transition but it’s safer for her living indoors. I took her to see if she was microchipped and get checked out. I thought she was a little old man cat to be honest, but she was only a two year old female!
Fast forward many years later (2017) and I had to have X-rays done on her. They revealed a little BB bullet in her side area, that she must have got when she was a baby from kids messing around. I concluded she was a stray all along, and I didn’t steal her from anyone… if that is what you are thinking.
She has traveled with me from Seattle to back home to CT. Next we moved on down to Virginia Beach, so she is a well traveled feline for sure! She sleeps in the crook of my arm left arm every night. Or on my stomach. Or on my chest. Or up near my head on my pillow — Cujo has to be close to her human. She is hilarious, sweet, sometimes temperamental, but usually because I am bugging her too much. I make a double kiss noise with my lips and she comes right over to give me a kiss… she is the smartest!!!
Hopefully, we have a bit more time together, but she has developed chronic kidney disease and we are trying to manage it. It’s tough, I hate thinking she might be uncomfortable or in pain, but I am very in tune with her. I always know when she needs me. Enjoy this picture of my little Cujo 🙂 Thanks for reading! – Sue

Name: Spike
Adoption Date: Nov. 20, 2008
This dates back a while but we had just moved into our new home. It was cold and raining outside when we saw this small ginger kitty outside on our deck. He got scared due to the heavy rain coming down and ran under our deck for shelter. We went out and brought him into our garage. Later on, I had taken a picture of him and started walking door to door trying to find his owner. Finally came across a group of kids who said that is Spike and they told me where his owner lived. I went to speak to them and said I would like to bring Spike back to them. They simply said you can try but he is not going to stay. Kind of left me with a very bad feeling as winter was coming, we live near a wooded area with wild animals and I started having bad thoughts on how this could all end up. I went home and said to my Wife, I found his owner, his name is Spike and he will be staying with us. I then went back to the owners home and I must have had a look on my face as I walked up to their door because they said, would you like to keep him? I said yes but wanted to make it official in adopting him so they gave me all his papers. I took him to our local Vet, got him all checked out and microchipped. This so-called “outdoor cat” that would not stay with his owner has been with us for 10 years, never has left the house, lives a spoiled cat life, and has become such an amazing friend/family member. – Craig

Name: Coriander
Adoption Date: 04/18/2011
I walked into the room with the cats that were confined to their cages. I saw a plump Coriander quietly cowering in a back corner of her cage when all of the other cats were vocalizing and pawing at the front of their cages looking for attention. I learned she had been brought to the shelter two months earlier and had developed a respiratory illness requiring isolation. She had just become adoptable. I requested Coriander be brought out of the cage so I could meet her. She was frightened but let me pet her. I met a few other cats that were much friendlier. I felt Coriander had very little chance of being adopted but suspected she was a very sweet cat traumatized by the shelter experience. I brought her home with the promise that this would be her forever home. She was put on a low calorie diet and lost the equivalent of 30 human pounds. She’s become a very sweet, loving and affectionate lap cat. This past April marked our 7th year together. – Donna

Name: Apollo
Adoption Date: 8/13/2000
As a volunteer at a County Animal Shelter, I see a lot of kittens come and go. An Animal Control Officer brought in a one-week-old golden kitten who had been found at the side of the road with his mother, who sadly had been run over and killed. The little fellow had one eye open, upper respiratory, ear mites and was full of fleas. The shelter was assessing him and the discussion was leaning toward him not being viable and worth the effort to save. Something in his sweet face spoke to my heart and I asked if I could take him ‘home for the weekend’ and see how he took to being hand-fed and if he would survive the weekend. We bathed him to get rid of the fleas, we filled him full of antibiotics for the upper respiratory and put medicine in his ears to kill the mites – all not recommended for a week-old kitten. He survived the first night after all that activity and took the bottle of KMR enthusiastically. Day 2 he opened his other eye, and Day 3 he was crawling around. I took him to work and we set up a feeding schedule; everyone wanted a turn feeding him. In his first 6 weeks with me, he was handled by about 20 different people. He also owned my heart and I named him “Apollo Golden Heart.” He has never met a stranger, runs to the door when the doorbell rings to see who has come to visit HIM and ‘borrows’ items out of a purse if left where he can get into it. Apollo has helped raise other kittens over the years and although he’s an old man now, he is still loving and the best cat that has even owned my heart. – Sue

Name: Judy
Adoption Date: 8/14/17
Judy is a Persian cat that was surrendered to the shelter because she has a crooked nose. It was found out there that she has FELV feline leukemia. Cats that was FELV + can live a long healthy life! She has been a wonderful addition to the family! Because of her smooshed face having a litter with less dust has been a big help in keeping her healthy. – Emily

Name: Banjo
Adoption Date: July 7
Banjo is our happy little accident. His story is somewhat complicated so I’ll try to keep it short. He was found all alone in a woodpile by my sister’s neighbor and ended up at my sister’s house. I just happened to go to my sister’s house later that afternoon and found the poor baby crying in the garage. My sister was not home and although my brother-in-law made an attempt to care for the kitten, it was not an easy task. I offered to take him for the night…that was a month ago. He’s been ours ever since. We did a lot of research after bringing him home and we estimated that he was about 3 weeks old and needed to be bottle fed. He’s since been litter trained and weaned off the bottle. We named him Banjo after the 1980’s cartoon “Banjo the Woodpile Cat.” He is a precocious, fun-loving ball of energy and my husband and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. – Bethany

Name: Honey Bun
Adoption Date: September 15, 2013
Honey Bun is a purebred golden Persian, who had been surrendered to the Toronto Animal Shelter by her former human parent. She was 5 years old at the time. I had been without a cat for about 2 years, following the loss of my cats to various cancers at the ages of 17 1/2 and 16 1/2 years old. I saw Honey Bun’s photo and profile online on August 23, 2013, the same day she was eligible for adoption, and thought she was the most adorable cat I had ever seen. On phoning the Toronto Animal Shelter for information about her, I learned that she had taken ill and was being quarantined while medical care was undertaken. I asked that my name be put on her file, sight unseen so that I could be notified as soon as she was well and ready for adoption. I met Honey Bun for the first time on September 15, 2013, and luckily, she chose me to become her new pet parent. She is a sweet and intelligent cat who is a constant joy in my life. I don’t know how her original parent was able to give her up, but I’m glad that decision brought her into my life and brought me into hers. She has been with me now for almost 5 years and has only improved with age. I have attached her photo so you can see for yourself how beautiful she is. – Cheryl

Name: Ruby and Riley
Adoption Date: December 21, 2014
One December evening I went into work for a closing shift and there were two little black kittens (brother and sister) from CAT adoption team. I asked the lady who was there with them about them. She told me they had been returned for behavior issues (remember they were little kittens) and that people would come in excited there were kittens but once they saw that they were two black kittens nobody was interested. As they were getting packed up to head back to the shelter I picked them up and said, “These are my kittens and will going to their home.” Ruby and Riley are my loves! Also, they never had any “behavior “ issues at all. Adopt… don’t shop ❤️🐯❤️ – Victoria

Name: Tasha
Adoption Date: March 2016
It was about 3 months since my last cat died old age. I began to feel the want of another. I had always either a Persian or Himalayan male cat. This time I thought of getting a female. I searched for several months with no results. On a whim, I looked at the local humane society. Being a computer geek, I usually get to areas that I’m not supposed to see. It’s a gift. I came across a male Himalayan cat about 2 months old. He was perfect. I rushed to the Humsin society and gave them the pet id. the last looked at me strange and wanted to know how I knew about it. It wasn’t available yet. That they’re trying to contact the owner. I wandered and looked at the other cats. A lady asked if she could help. I told her about the Himalayan and what the first lady said. She took me to the side and looked it up on her computer. She said that they had already tried 3 times to reach the owner by text and mail getting no response. And then gave me the date the cat would be released. She also stressed to be there when the doors opened as she wanted me to have him. She said the poor thing was wandering around homeless when they found him. I was there and watched them open the doors that day. The lady smiled and immediately handed me some papers to sign. She had already filled them out. She took me to see my new baby for the first time. She warned me that the cat would probably try to bite or scratch me because it was so scared. I talked to my new baby and asked the last to hand the cat to me as I talked. My new baby immediately became docile in my arms. The lady was shocked. After his shots and. checkup and bath, I brought him home. I immediately took him to my vet who also did a checkup. The vet called me in later and said that he had something to tell me. The paperwork was wrong. He was a She and it was confirmed by two other vets. I was so happy. For a month she would hide in her kennel which I left open for her. After a lot of patience, love and care, she’s become the perfect little Diva although I would appreciate it if she gave me more than a fourth of my bed to sleep on. Lol. Oh yea, every morning after the alarm clock sounds, she’ll come over and give me a face and neck massage. – Kerry

Name: Coconut
Adoption Date: 8/7/2010
We went to the shelter after years of waiting due to the loss of our last cat, which was very hard. Our future boy, Coconut, had been returned to the shelter about an hour before we arrived. We saw him alone in his cage, no food, water or potty, but full of energy and friendly as could be. He had a respiratory infection, and we were told that’s why he was returned. I sat down, and he got on my lap and started purring and settled right down, love at first purr. He still does that to this day, even 7 pounds heavier and much larger. We were given medication to help clear up the infection, and it did clear up. He has been very healthy since. The staff was sad to see him go. They had named him Snowball, so to honor that when we gave him a new name- we call him Coconut Haupia Snowball. You might guess he is all white. Haupia is in honor of his newly found part Hawaiian heritage. He is great with our kids, very tolerant and gentle. He loves to play and sleep in the sun. He’s a great cat, and we love him like family. sWheat Scoop works great for him and us too. – Gregory

Name: Shailaputri
Adoption Date: 10/2015
She was a solo kitten feeding with the colony I cared for. She lived and hid in the bushes and occasionally I lured her into my garage. When I was forced to move, I rescued her as part of the Fairfax County TNR program. We decided she wanted to become an indoor cat. She had been attacked and injured by the rougher feral males. Safety was a driver and she agreed. She bonded with my gentle giant Maine Coon, and gave the other cats a lot of her spunky playtime. She is elegant and still shy with a tendency to hide, yet she loves to be petted and is very talkative. She adores her big brother and they groom each other. I named her for the Hindu Goddess of the first day of Navarati (9 Goddess) who is Shailaputri, Daughter of The Mountain. – Jennifer

Name: Toast
Adoption Date: May 31, 2006
I met my cat because I got thrown off a horse named Nerves. Ha ha! It’s true.
I was taking horseback riding lessons at a horse rescue and tree farm in Tennessee and we were headed out for a ride. Only a few minutes in, a truck came by. It scared Nerves, but we were still okay. Then a huge tractor came by, and Nerves began to buck, and I held on for dear life, trying to be a rodeo champion, I guess. But I ended up flying through the air, and I ended on my bum. Amazingly, only my bum was bruised and it hurt, but otherwise, we were all okay. But I was shaken. I got back on the horse for a bit, but then the owner said she wanted me to go with her somewhere.
I had no idea why, but we got in her off-road vehicle and headed to the house. When we got there, she piled kittens in my arms. All of the older kittens wanted to get down, except for the tiniest one. She sat on my chest, staring at my face, with the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. She looked like a baby mountain lion and she just stared at me, watching my face. She stayed there, in my arms, staring at me and I realized that I was no longer shaky or scared. I was completely calm. That tiny, few weeks old kitten had chosen me (although I didn’t know it at the time). I found out that she had been dumped in an overnight bin at the nearby humane society. I couldn’t fathom how or why someone would have let her go.

I went home and tried to forget her. I didn’t think I was a cat person and I’d never owned a cat in my life. But I found out that she and a load of kittens were going to New York to find homes. I couldn’t let her go. I went back to visit her and to tell the farm owner that I wanted the little kitten. I read books on raising kittens and I bought all the cat stuff that the books suggested. The farm had thought about naming her Maybelline, but I thought that was an awful name for such a cute, little kitten. I looked at her tan coat with the black tips, her white tummy and the black ends of her raccoon tail, and thought she looked like all the colors of toast. So I named her Toast. I took her home when she was nine weeks old. That first night, I didn’t completely know what to do, all by myself with a kitten! She sat in my lap and looked up at me and I knew that I loved her. She’s still a beautiful cat. She makes me laugh every day and she is the best. She does a daily walk through the house and she lets me know if anything (water leaks, scary bugs, and one time, a bat – EEK!!) is amiss. She doesn’t like other cats, but she loves big dogs, bunnies and squirrels. She’s still tiny (she’s up to 8 pounds) and her eyes are green now, but she is perfect.- Janel

Name: Clyde
Adoption Date: August 2008
Clyde was abandoned in Gloucester, Virginia on the side of the road with his sister at the early age of six months. Someone adopted his sister right away. A picture of Clyde was sent by his rescuer to my mother who lived about a half hour from Gloucester. She quickly sent us the picture. My soon-to-be-husband and I decided to adopt Clyde from that picture. We met Clyde and my folks in Charlottesville, Virginia and brought him to live in Christiansburg, Virginia about 269 miles away from where he was found. On the drive home, I panicked because I had never owned a cat. I asked my husband if it did not work out could we find him another home. My husband to calm my nerves said yes, but Clyde must have sensed my fear. When we arrived home, he came straight out of the cat carrier into my lap. I fell in love instantly and cannot imagine a day without him. He will be 10 years old this month, and I am so happy he lives with us. He is the most lovable, sweet cat who talks to us and tucks me into bed every night. – Ginger

Name: Boo
Adoption Date: July 4, 2010
I got Boo from the Wichita Falls, Texas animal shelter. She was covered in fleas and almost died from a sickness, but she’s been with us now for 8 years. – Sara

Name: Sherlock Holmes & Watson
Adoption Date: 09/01/2015
I am a semi-retired Veterinarian that volunteers at a couple og cat shelters. 2 years ago 2 brother kittens (Siamese snowshoe looking) were found abandoned in the woods and brought to the shelter. Although I have numerous rescues at home could not resist “the boyz”. My wife and I had been looking for just these type of kittens. She had recently passed away and I had to have them to honor her. I named them Sherlock Holmes and Watson (her favorite detectives.) After 2 years plus they are the love of my life….and the rest of the group like them as well. All’s well that ends well!!!! – Mark

Name: Arlene Aughey
Adoption Date: April 2001
We had a beautiful female Tortoiseshell feral that we helped outdoors. One day, during a hurricane, she brought – one by one- little balls of fur and hid them in our shed. We hadn’t even known that she was pregnant! She placed them – one a golden, one a redhead, and one a total little black guy – into our wheelbarrow. After the storm was over, she would keep them in there during the time of day our dog was outside, and once she knew he was inside the house, she would bring them out to play and scamper around our yard – just adorable! Of course, we were feeding them, and I was always amazed at how she would wait until all of her sons ate before she would eat. They lived in our shed for about two months, and then with Fall coming, we took them into our home. The babies were easy to catch – Mama not so much! But she was more afraid. Eventually, though, I think she was the one who loved being inside the most. Our vet told us that she was not a youngster anymore and that she had had a few litters. She and her “My Three Sons” family lived with us for many years. The only remaining cat from that family is “Blackie” who is now over 20 years old, who lives with our two little gray tabby girls – also strays that we rescued, brought to the vet, and then brought inside. We are all one big happy family! – Arlene

Name: Raspberry
Adoption Date: July 4, 2017
In August 2017, I offered to foster a kitten named Raspberry. At 4 weeks old, she was found crying in a dumpster. At the vet, I found out that she had a significant birth defect called atresia ani, meaning her anus never formed correctly and she couldn’t eliminate properly. After consulting with a few veterinary specialists who said they couldn’t help because “that surgery almost never has a good outcome”, I contacted Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts and found a soft tissue surgeon who was willing to perform the surgery, but only gave her a 50-50 chance of surviving. (You have probably guessed by now that I adopted this foster kitty and paid her $4000+ bill!) ❤️Her surgery was very successful and she just recently turned one year old! She runs around the house like mad, chasing the other cats and is completely fearless. We were meant to find each other! – Dorrie

Name: Izzey
Adoption Date: Feb 14, 2014
Izzey came to us from the Humane Society, She had been found on the streets In Minnesota, December 7, 2016. She chose us a month later. Izzey is a beautiful “Tortie “, was 6 pounds when got the, is now 9.40 pounds. Was told she was 3-4 years old, thinking she is more like 2-3 years old. Every time a kid is on TV, she is right there to see them, hears a baby cry and has to look for it. loves having kids and people around. We are so happy that she is our furbaby. Such a joy to be with and loves to talk to us. – Laurel

Name: Winston
Adoption Date: 8/6/2017
I use to volunteer with a rescue and they received a picture of an amazing cat stating that the neighbors moved and left him there. Other volunteers at the rescue went to get him and they thought he was deaf because his ears were severely damaged. Once I saw him, I knew that he needed immediate medical attention and got him to an emergency vet hospital where we discovered he is FIV+. He melted my heart from day 1 and I knew that I had to keep him. Due to the kindness of strangers, Winston was able to get the medical care including dental work done through private donations. Winston’s mom wanted to somehow pay it forward and from there Winston Wishes was created. Winston Wishes is a pet food pantry for pet owners when they fall on hard times by providing food and supplies. A little over 6 months later and Winston Wishes is a 501c3 nonprofit and has been able to feed over 250 pets. – Heidi

Name: Daryl
Adoption Date: June 15, 2015
I didn’t find Daryl; he found me. I was stopped in traffic at a busy intersection when I saw something small and grey dart across the road and under my car. I thought it was a rat, but other motorists began honking and pointing to get my attention, and a man on a bicycle rode over and crouched down next to the passenger side. I got out just as he was pulling a dirty, terrified kitten from out of my wheel well! If all of these people hadn’t alerted me to what was going on, I would have kept driving and Daryl’s story would have ended there. Instead, I took him in the car and drove directly to the vet’s office. Amazingly, his only injury was a burnt paw. I promptly named him Daryl, in reference to the “Walking Dead” character who survives whatever comes his way. Three years later, Daryl the cat is a sleek, handsome fellow who gazes lovingly into my eyes and lets me hold his paw. Just goes to show, great things can come from the most inauspicious beginnings. – Alisa

Name: Mr. Kitty
Adoption Date: October 13, 2015
Mr. Kitty was left behind by his previous owners when they moved out of their apartment. I found him sitting alone one day and he immediately came up to me to be pet. He even let me pick him up and hold him. He was underweight, covered in fleas and absolutely filthy but he was so full of love and just wanted human affection. I didn’t plan on keeping him as I never had a cat before but he changed my mind on cats. Now I can’t imagine my home without him in it. – Jennifer

Cat’s Name: Jasmine and LJ (Little Jasmine)
Cat’s Birth/Adoption Date: July 24, 2018
About Cat: We decided to go to our local animal rescue league to look to adopt a younger cat for our kids. Our 13-year-old tortie is not fond of our children’s energy. We interviewed a few cats and found two that we loved. A one-year-old mama with tiger stripes. All her kittens were adopted and she was all alone. She was so loving and incredibly playful. The other was a 10-year-old, black cat who just loved the attention. Knowing how hard it is for an older cat to get adopted, we decided to just adopt both. Funny enough, both cats names are/were Jasmine. So we named our little tiger LJ for Little Jasmine and kept Jasmine (or Jazzy) for our older girl. They are both wonderful additions to our family. – Juli

Name: Parker
Adoption Date: August 3, 2007
I had gone to the local shelter to see an adult black cat named Kurt whose picture I had seen online. Turns out, Kurt was not the cuddly sweetheart they made him out to be—he was feral. But I decided to spend a little time at the shelter anyway. I sat on the floor, covered in roaming kittens, when I noticed a lanky, sad-looking little tabby nuzzling my purse. He was a little older, a little more shy, and didn’t demand attention the way the other kittens did. I started to pet him, and his whole expression changed. Within five minutes, I knew he was meant to be mine. That first day I was forced to leave him while my application processed, he looked at me through the glass with big, Precious Moments eyes, begging me to take him with me. (You might think this is an exaggeration, but the friends who went with me can vouch for it.) Parker came home with me three long days later, and within two weeks, he was a completely different cat. His sad eyes, his greasy fur, and his skinny body transformed, and he was a bright and bunny-soft kitten. He has been my furry soulmate for 11 years now. – Jennifer

Name: Parker
Adoption Date: August 3, 2007
I had gone to the local shelter to see an adult black cat named Kurt whose picture I had seen online. Turns out, Kurt was not the cuddly sweetheart they made him out to be—he was feral. But I decided to spend a little time at the shelter anyway. I sat on the floor, covered in roaming kittens, when I noticed a lanky, sad-looking little tabby nuzzling my purse. He was a little older, a little more shy, and didn’t demand attention the way the other kittens did. I started to pet him, and his whole expression changed. Within five minutes, I knew he was meant to be mine. That first day I was forced to leave him while my application processed, he looked at me through the glass with big, Precious Moments eyes, begging me to take him with me. (You might think this is an exaggeration, but the friends who went with me can vouch for it.) Parker came home with me three long days later, and within two weeks, he was a completely different cat. His sad eyes, his greasy fur, and his skinny body transformed, and he was a bright and bunny-soft kitten. He has been my furry soulmate for 11 years now. – Jennifer

Name: Tasha
Adoption Date: September 12
When I first moved out of my mom’s house 7 years ago, my mom decided to foster a mother cat and her kitten in my old bedroom from the local animal shelter. Neither cats had names so we named the mother Tasha and her kitten Chad. I would come back to my mom’s house everyday to visit Tasha and Chad, it was amazing to see her care for him and watch him grow! When Chad was old enough, Tasha was sent back to the animal shelter to be spayed and placed up for adoption. Shortly after, I decided I would like to adopt another cat and went to the shelter to see who was available. Sure enough, there was Tasha sitting in a kennel. I burst into tears at the sight of her in a cage and took her home with me that day. Adopting her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and she is still one of the most loving cats I’ve ever known! – Catrina

Name: Isabelle
Adoption Date: August 2012
Before I found her, Izzy was rescued from a kill shelter, by the no-kill shelter I adopted her from. They had her that she was going to be put down for being “unadoptable”. According to their records she was “tricking” people into thinking she was nice so they would open the cage and then she would fight them. When I found her I could tell she was a little unique. She was friendly but also a little bitey and anxious. I learned more of her story and discovered she had been bounced around a few homes and one of her previous owners had given her a tendonectomy which I felt accounted for her distrust of situations that reminded her of being at the vet. I ended up adopting her because I knew her nibbles might be seen by others as a moody cat to be avoided, whereas I felt I understood her and knew she wasn’t truly aggressive. Their loss was my gain as she is an amazing companion and I’m truly happy to have her. She is a funny cat with an expressive face. She narrates when she plays and loves all boxes. Sometimes she will jump on your shoulders when you sit at the table or computer. I’m grateful she was given a second chance and I found her because in no way is she “unadoptable”. – Paul

Name: Pepper
Adoption Date: Adoption 6-20-15
I adopted 10 year old Pepper 3 years ago from Siamese Rescue. They put her on the Meezer Express and volunteers drove her from VA to CT, for about 8hrs. Each driver drove an hour or two and passed her and her friends to the next driver. She is a talker and I understand she meowed the entire trip! We picked her up in CT from the last volunteer.When I went into the spare bedroom, where I was trying to confine her, she immediately jumped on my lap to say hello. I started using Sweat Scoop right away, she took to it fine. And she has been using it since.Pepper is an affectionate kitty with a lot of personality.she is a lot of fun! I use a wheelchair and she has been fine with that since the beginning . She likes to sit on it when move to my chair. – Debi

Name: Goldie
Adoption Date: July 4, 2000
Goldie is our “girl” and she picked us for sure! She was new to our neighborhood and her brother and her would each find their way to our yard for some shade or just to cruise the block. She followed me home one night – matts and all on her unkempt body. We did not take her in as we thought she belonged to someone nearby. Well, one night she was under our porch while the rain poured down with her big eyes staring at the door/window. Well, what could we do? Later found out that her owner had just moved in with his girlfriend who had a Jack Russell terrier and did not like cats! They were both outside cats after that – fed, but not cared for. Her brother stayed with his buddy and they ultimately moved out. She has been with us for 14 amazing years and is still going strong. – Denise

Name: Mr. Mittens and BooBoo
Adoption Date: Sept. 12, 2008 & Sept. 20, 2009
Mr. Mittens always showed up outside when I was gardening and feeding the birds. He would follow me around like a dog. Every time I was out he would somehow know and show up. Needless to say he won me over and I convinced my husband to let me bring him in to our family ❤️. Then there is miss Boo Boo she would come and sit on my front porch and the back porch. She would let my husband and I hold her but he said I wasn’t going to bring her in. She came and would look in the front window… So now she is with us as well one big cat happy family!!! 😻- Julie

Name: Diesel
I found Diesel (at the time, unnamed) in a pet store that hosts adoptable cats in Kingston, at a very stressful time in my life. Really, I was at the pet shop to get some cuddle-therapy from the adoptable kittens and cats that roamed free in the store. She, an adorable white and brown tabby with a pink button nose, followed me around with the sweetest whisper of a meow for about a half hour. I left the store after getting my cuddle therapy, feeling like I had just had my heart broken and I had just broken hers. It only took about 20 minutes for me to realize my mistake and to go back and adopt her (a 4 month old kitten). Her purr is so loud that I named her Diesel. That was almost 8 years ago. Since then she has been my most reliable cuddle buddy, and companion, drooling (she does this when she purrs) all over me whenever I pick her up. She has moved back and forth across Canada with me, and will always be by my side. So glad we found each other. – Tara

Name: Oliver
Adoption Date: 07/25/2014
This is Oliver, a tiny little thing I saw at a local pet store where the Humane Society was introducing their kitties to be adopted. He was smaller than most and timid and his nose was covered with a black substance but I had this feeling that he needed me. After taking him home he went through the normal vet checks, needed injections and transitioning to better food. He did well for awhile but eventually started having digestive problems which ended up to be Inflammatory Bowel Disease which is a condition of the GI tract where it becomes inflamed and irritated. This disease makes digesting food difficult and often makes him feel nauseated which is the reason he was never playful. Oliver still has the disease, it will never go away but with the right food and supplements his quality of life is much better. He has his happy moments where we play with his toy on a wand and those moments that most people take for granted, I cherish. I am honored to be his guardian and caregiver as I always wonder what would have happened to him if someone else would have taken him without the determination to find out why he’s getting sick, making messes, not eating, being lethargic and not wanting to be touched at times. Maybe to someone else he would have been flawed, a bother, too much trouble but to me he is a gift. – Patricia

Name: Sena
Adoption Date: 04/16/2016
A little cat, 4 years old, was dumped at the local Humane Society, pregnant and very ill. The person who left her said she “mistakenly got pregnant” and she couldn’t deal with her. My vet, who works with the Humane Society, took her to try and help. The little cat was diagnosed with a very serious pregnancy-related illness. The vet did not hold much hope for the little cat, but was going to try her best. Enter me…two months later. I walked into my vets’s office and discovered a beautiful little Colorpoint Shorthair cat sitting in a kennel behind the reception desk. I asked who she belongs to. “Oh, she is a rescue up for adoption. We just brought her out from the hospital area this morning.” I learned the miracle story of the little cat, as well as discovering how very loving and sweet she is. Two days later she went home with me to became my precious little Sena. – Sharon

Name: Bo Deany
Adoption Date: Adopted 3/4/18
Bo Deany ( formerly Dini or Houdini) was brought to a rural no kill shelter as a nursing kitten along with his 2 siblings. He was taken in by Joan, a volunteer, who bottle fed them. Loving as she was, Joan had a hard time letting her bottle fed babies go and ended up with 18 well cared for cats. In September 2017 Joan lost her battle with cancer but she had made plans with the shelter for them to care for her “babies” until they all were rehomed. I live 6 hours away but had volunteered at this shelter with Joan on holidays when I returned home for visits. I was looking for a solid black big cat with a good personality and found Dini in my searching. When I adopted him in March, there were only 5 of the 18 still looking for homes. Dini was renamed BoDeans Good Things, Deany, following my musical pet names. I an thankful to be Deany’s second owner and grateful Joan loved him for the first two years. – Lynda