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April sWheat Shares Partner!

With kitten season quickly approaching, it’s even more imperative to have shelters and rescues working to reduce overpopulation of cats in communities across the country. During kitten season, there is a surge in the number of cats in danger of being euthanized, simply because overwhelmed shelters lack the resources to provide them with the care they need.

Luckily, there are shelters with the specific goal of saving pets from being euthanized and preventing overpopulation. Many rescue organizations in the United States have been laboring tirelessly to lower the euthanasia rate, and to find kittens and cats their forever homes.

Providing Animals With Support (P.A.W.S.) is one of those shelters. Based in St. George, Utah, the nonprofit, no-kill volunteer-run animal rescue organization has been making strides toward lowering the euthanasia rate in Utah.

“In 2001, P.A.W.S. was founded by five women,” says Lynn Burger, president of P.A.W.S. “Its objective was to help reduce the euthanasia rates at the local kill shelters. Since then, we’ve saved and found homes for close to 6,000 cats and dogs.”

To support its goal of lowering the euthanasia rate, the organization operates a low-cost spay/neuter program. In addition to its spay/neuter program, like all shelters, P.A.W.S. works to provide quality homes for the animals. At any time, Providing Animals With Support will have 30 cats on-site, with 50 kittens or cats in foster homes.

“With the number of cats and kittens we have in our system, this donation will save us money that can now be used to help defray the cost of spays and neuters for the kittens coming of age in the next couple months,” says Burger.

To learn more about P.A.W.S., visit: http://www.dixiepaws.org/.


sWheat Shares™ is sWheat Scoop’s philanthropic litter donation program. Each sWheat Shares partner receives 2,000 pounds of sWheat Scoop® litter for use in conjunction with its foster and shelter programs. Through the rescue organization, sWheat Scoop also provides sWheat Adoption Kits to new cat owners. These kits include a 7-pound bag of sWheat Scoop® litter, a temporary and disposable litter box, a certificate of adoption and other items with helpful information to help get their cat/owner relationship off to a good start.