Kitten with yellow eyes

August 2014 sWheat Shares Partner

sWheat Scoop® is proud to announce Best Friends Animal Society (Salt Lake City, Utah) as our August 2014 sWheat Shares partner!

specifically, the donation of 2,000 pounds of sWheat Scoop will be going toward assisting the work of Best Friends’ Kitten Nursery in South Salt Lake. the nursery cares for orphaned kittens (under 2 months of age, and less than 2 pounds in weight) and mother cats that are nursing kittens until they reach an adoptable age and weight.

at sWheat Scoop, we know the first three to five weeks in a kitten’s life are critical, which is why we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with a shelter focusing on such important work. unfortunately, not-knowing-any-better kittens will often eat their litter. with traditional clay litter, these taste tests can lead to all kinds of gastrointestinal and respiratory issues because of harmful chemicals like sodium bentonite and silica dust. however, because of its chemical-free formula made from wheat, sWheat Scoop offers a superior choice for newborn felines.

selecting the safest litter is only one component of getting neonatal kittens through the first few weeks of their life, and Best Friends’ Kitten Nursery nails them all. in addition to operating 22 hours a day, seven days a week, staff members at the nursery provide round-the-clock care for rescued kittens. duties include bottle feeding, cage cleaning, socializing kittens and preparing food.

sWheat Shares is sWheat Scoop’s philanthropic litter donation program. each sWheat Shares partner receives 2,000 pounds of sWheat Scoop litter for use in conjunction with its foster and shelter programs. through the rescue organization, sWheat Scoop also provides sWheat Adoption Kits to new cat owners. these kits include a 7-pound bag of sWheat Scoop litter, a temporary and disposable litter box, a certificate of adoption and other items with helpful information to help get their cat/owner relationship off to a good start.