sWheat Shares Rescue Relief March

December sWheat Shares Partner

they say that the expression “third time’s a charm” comes from the belief that something attempted is more likely to be successful on the third attempt. at sWheat Scoop®, however, we respectfully disagree.

rather, we were so thrilled with our first two sWheat Shares™ partnerships with Best Friends Animal Society that we decided to team up with them again — this time through their New York City network of shelters.

unlike their physical locations in Utah and Los Angeles, Best Friends hasn’t yet established their own rescue facility in The Big Apple. instead, they work collaboratively with city shelters, local animal welfare organizations and a group of dedicated volunteers to save the lives of shelter pets in New York City and the surrounding tri-state area.

as part of their New York program, Best Friends hosts the city’s annual Pet Super Adoption and Strut Your Mutt events. while the Pet Super Adoption helps hundreds of homeless animals find forever homes, Strut Your Mutt has evolved into one of the area’s strongest fund-raising events for rescues and shelters.

additionally, Best Friends coordinates a foster program in collaboration with Animal Care and Control (AC&C) of NYC. although New York has made great strides in its homeless animal policies in the last 20 years, the foster program was developed alongside AC&C as an assessed need — something that could have a critical impact on the lives of homeless animals in New York City. with NYC’s five-borough shelter system accepting approximately 30,000 animals each year, sWheat Scoop is proud to contribute to Best Friends’ New York City efforts in any way we can.

if you’re interested in adopting or fostering an animal through Best Friends New York, or would like to donate or volunteer, please contact them at:

(347) 762-3678