New Years Cat

resolutions for you and your cat – part II

we’ve already gone over a few New Year’s Resolutions for you and your cat to help you both live long and healthy lives…but there’s more!

here are my remaining tips to get you off to a great 2015!

1.    take the time to exercise your cat for 5 minutes a day

2.    start a pet savings account

3.    do blood work in lieu of vaccines this year

4.    keep a clean, safe environment for your cat

take the time to exercise your cat for 5 minutes a day
cats need exercise too. five minutes isn’t a lot…so please commit to it. set your smartphone timer, grab a laser pointer or feather-on-a-string toy, and let the playtime begin! this will provide environmental enrichment and help your cat slowly lose weight too. another way to help increase exercise? as long as your cats don’t have orthopedic problems (like arthritis, healing fractures, etc.), consider putting your kitty litter, food and water, and bed on different levels of the house if you can. it’ll help burn off some calories each time they wander around.

start a pet savings account
veterinary care can be expensive but so important to help keep your cat healthy and safe. my recommendation? start a pet savings account that is linked directly to your bank account. name it after your cat (“Tigger fund”) so it encourages you to save. make it easy by setting up automatic transfers from your checking account each month. that way, you’ll have money available in case of a pet emergency! alternatively, investigate pet insurance; there are some types that cover just emergency care, which might be just what you and your cat need.

do blood work in lieu of vaccines this year
believe it or not, your cat does need an annual veterinary exam each year – especially as they approach the middle-age years (around 8-9 years of age). so, work with your veterinarian. your cat may not need vaccines at that age – instead, consider splurging on once a year blood work instead. that’s what I do for my 9 year-old and 16 year-old cats. I want to be able to pick up on early signs of disease like kidney failure or hyperthyroidism, all of which can be treated when diagnosed early. help keep your cat living a longer life with this veterinary-recommended tip!

keep a clean, safe environment for your cat
part of your responsibility as a good pet owner is to provide a safe household. some easy tips? keep dangerous poisons like fresh cut flowers or bouquets, over-the-counter medications and prescription medications out of reach. also, keep stringy material (e.g., yarn, thread, dental floss, tinsel) out of the house – this can accidentally wrap around your cat’s tongue and get stuck in the stomach, requiring in a life-threatening surgery. lastly, use responsible products in your home – including your cat litter. I use Swheat Scoop because it’s not only safer for my cat’s health and my health, but is environmentally friendly being 100% biodegradable.

when in doubt, work on these simple, safe, easy New Year’s Resolutions this year – it’ll keep you and your four-legged feline household living long!