sWheat Shares Rescue Relief January

January sWheat Shares Partner!

too many homeless pets around the country live without the prospect of a forever home. even with shelters caring for and aiding these animals in finding their forever homes, it’s not enough to keep many cats and dogs from roaming the streets. adoptions are only one part of the equation needed to end animal homelessness; spay/neuter services also play an important role in reducing overpopulation.

since its founding, All About Animals Rescue, a nonprofit shelter in Warren, Michigan, has placed great importance on spay/neuter programs, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of homeless and abandoned animals in the community. this is just one reason why we are excited to announce All About Animals Rescue as our January sWheat Shares™ partner!

since opening its doors in 2005, All About Animals Rescue has been committed to saving cats and ending overpopulation in Michigan. the shelter’s spay-and-neuter statistics include over 125,000 cats and dogs, more than 24,000 of which took place in 2015.

“we started as an adoption rescue 10 years ago, but quickly came to understand that the world can’t adopt its way out of overpopulation,” says Catherine Garrett, director of Development and Marketing at All About Animals Rescue. “so we opened up a full-time spay-and-neuter clinic. the number of cats and dogs fixed just last year was 24,896.”

in addition to the full-time spay-and-neuter clinic, All About Animals Rescue offers free health screenings, low-cost vaccines, preventive care plus a foster program for homeless animals. the rescue helps 30 to 50 cats a day, in addition to its resident cats.

“we can’t thank sWheat Scoop enough for partnering with us to help homeless pets in Michigan,” adds Garrett. “litter is a constant need, and an expensive one at that. the funds we will save from sWheat Scoop’s generosity can now be used to sterilize at-risk pets, preventing even more unwanted kittens and puppies.”

to learn more about All About Animals Rescue, visit: allaboutanimalsrescue.org.


sWheat Shares is sWheat Scoop’s philanthropic litter donation program. each sWheat Shares partner receives 2,000 pounds of sWheat Scoop litter for use in conjunction with its foster and shelter programs. through the rescue organization, sWheat Scoop also provides sWheat Adoption Kits to new cat owners. these kits include a 7-pound bag of sWheat Scoop litter, a temporary and disposable litter box, a certificate of adoption and other items with helpful information to help get their cat/owner relationship off to a good start.