sWheat Shares Rescue Relief May

May sWheat Shares Partner!

With the approach of the warmer months come more kittens that need help finding their forever homes. Organizations across the United States and Canada are working to aid these animals in finding the loving care they deserve.

Shelters take as many animals as they can, but some cannot support the vast amount of kittens that need care during kitten season. However, there are shelters that have multiple tools in their toolbox to aid animals, and kitten season is the perfect time to dust those tools off and put them to work.

Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) is a charitable, not-for-profit shelter working to improve the lives of cats and dogs in Langley, British Columbia. As our May sWheat Sharespartner, the organization will receive 2,000 pounds of sWheat Scoop along with 100 sWheat Adoption Kits to use in its shelter.

LAPS sees upward of 450 cats a year, and has developed several programs in order to support as many animals as possible, regardless of the age of the animals.

The special programs LAPS offers include animal enrichment, medical procedures, a spay/neuter program as well as a trap-and-release program. In addition, the shelter is planning an annual event, Kitten Roundup, to accept unwanted pregnant cats and kittens from the community.

“We ran the Kitten Roundup for the first time in 2014, and accepted more than 50 kittens and cats,” says Jayne Nelson, manager of animal welfare and shelter operations. “We waive any surrender fees and make no judgments.”

During kitten season, the shelter will likely have 130 cats and kittens in its care. Because of the organization’s strong leadership and vision, LAPS is able to perform more than 240 free spay/neuter operations on cats each year. To combat overpopulation, it also performs free spay/neuter procedures on feral and free-living cats.

“We will see over 400 kittens this year, and will spay/neuter, provide medial treatment and find loving homes for them all,” says Nelson. “Not having to purchase litter will leave more money for lifesaving medical procedures and will give us the ability to provide these animals with the care they need.”

To learn more about LAPS, visit: http://www.lapsbc.ca/.


sWheat Shares™ is sWheat Scoop’s philanthropic litter donation program. Each sWheat Shares partner receives 2,000 pounds of sWheat Scoop® litter for use in conjunction with its foster and shelter programs. Through the rescue organization, sWheat Scoop also provides sWheat Adoption Kits to new cat owners. These kits include a 7-pound bag of sWheat Scoop® litter, a temporary and disposable litter box, a certificate of adoption and other items with helpful information to help get their cat/owner relationship off to a good start.