sWheat Shares Rescue Relief Brings the sWheat Life

sWheat Shares brings
the “sWheat Life” to cats in need

in the U.S., approximately 10 million companion animals enter animal shelters and rescues each year. these organizations play a vital role in the lives of cats across the country, ensuring that homeless felines are provided food, water and protection while they wait for their forever homes.

as a salute to this important work, sWheat Scoop, makers of the all-natural clumping litter made from wheat, partners with a different rescue facility each month as part of their sWheat Shares program.

each sWheat Shares partner receives 2,000 pounds of sWheat Scoop litter for use in conjunction with their foster and shelter programs. through the rescue organization, sWheat Scoop also provides Adoption Kits to new cat owners. these kits include a 7-pound bag of sWheat Scoop litter, a temporary and disposable litter box, a certificate of adoption and other items with helpful information to help get their cat/owner relationship off to a good start.

in 2014, sWheat Shares will bring its positive impact to rescues in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Sacramento, and other major metropolitan areas. any shelters interested in becoming a sWheat Shares partner in the future may inquire at donations@swheatscoop.com.